Speaking in public; Creating impact.


Een Engelstalig blog over spreken in het openbaar op een TED of TEDx event.

We’d rather try to avoid it, and if we really need to do it, we either take advantage of our experience (done it so many times, it doesn’t scare you anymore) or we use ‘tricks’ to keep our body from shaking, our voice from vibrating, our story in order and maybe enjoy it even a bit.

So what’s up with all those people that go on stage at a TED or TEDx event? Well, most of those speakers aren’t used to speaking in public at all, but the need to share their ‘idea worth sharing’ just makes them take that step. To all of you who are interested in speaking in public to share any idea: Here are a few secrets that might be benefiticial.

Get prepped… Practice!
Prepare your talk. It seems like a no brainer, but a lot of people just don’t practice at all. Sure they write down their story or they know their idea inside out. But delivering a story is another thing though. I have seen a lot of people that discover too late that their talk is too long or way to unstructured. So get prepped really well and get a decent speaker coach that will help you shape your talk and performance.

Have fun… Energize!
One thing the audience loves to see is someone that really enjoys sharing a story. So even if you feel the fear… tab into your ‘fun energy’. Take a zip of water. Think about something that once gave you a lot of energy and stay in that state when you enter the stage. Make the most of it and try to see this opportunity,  that so many people take the time to listen to your story, as a gift!

Create impact…Stimulate action!
The audience is not there to just listen to your talk and then simply continue their lives afterwards. You want them to change their believes right? Maybe even take concrete action to change their behavior. So what do you want your audience to do? Make sure you tell them! By hoping something, it might happen. By seducing your audience and telling them what they can actually do, you’re one step closer to realizing your goal!

Get dressed… Impress!
Even if your story is top notch, your audience will have a first impression based on who or what they see coming on stage the first few seconds. Make sure you wear something that won’t raise their eyebrows. Don’t draw too much attention, but make sure you look good! A short dress might look sexy, but won’t make you look serious. A suit and tie might look sharp, but might create a gap between you and the casual dressed audience. Find a way to blend in with the audience, but try to stand out (just enough). Definitely make sure you always wear that beautiful smile of yours!.

Now… shape up your story and have an awesome time on stage!

Need help to shape up your story or stage performance? Don’t hesitate to call, or drop us an e-mail at AVK. Our TEDx speakercoaches are more than willing to help you shape up your story!